We provide international supply services thanks to our qualified staff and our experience in various business sectors.

Examples of the goods that we supply;

  • Production Technologies with CNC sawdust
  • Defence industry Technologies
  • Production machines with sawdust
  • PPlastic injection machines
  • Aluminium injection machines
  • Replacement parts for machines
  • Hardware and machine equipment
  • Replacement parts for factories with production with sawdust
  • Replacement parts for factories that produce home appliance tools
  • Every kinds of electronic tools
  • Servo motors
  • Servo motor parts
  • Led lighting production and marketing
  • Wood machine and equipment
  • CChemical products
  • Decorative and balance paper for wood industry
  • Glue and rosin to be used in wood industry
  • Every kind of replacement part needed
  • Second hand production machines with sawdust
  • Iron rails